Rick Thurgood's BSA on Display at RACQ

24th May, 2019

Club member Rick Thurgood's 1923 V-Twin BSA Motorcycle and Mills Fulford Side Car is now on public display for a period of six weeks at the RACQ Headquarters situated at 60 Edward Street, Brisbane. This is the second time one of Rick's vehicles has been presented at the RACQ Headquarters, after his immaculate Rover P3 was presented in 2017.

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Introducing British Classic Car Buy Swap Sell

30th Apr, 2019

Hi all,
I am writing to introduce your club to my latest personal project – British Classic Car Buy Swap Sell ( – a dedicated classifieds web site for owners and fellow enthusiasts within the Australian British classic car community.
As an MG enthusiast, former member of the MG Car Club of Wagga Wagga, and a web and graphic designer by trade, in July 2016 I created MG Buy Swap Sell - a classifieds web site dedicated to the Australian MG community. Over the years the site has grown and continues to receive strong support from the community. However, like other MG enthusiasts, my interests extend past MG alone, and as a result, I’ve now expanded the site to include other marques and given it a new identity.
Joining British Classic Car Buy Swap Sell is absolutely free, as is placing ads. Users can place as many ads as they’d like, each including as many photos as they like. Although free, donations are always welcome to help support the site’s on-going costs.
I encourage you to pass news of British Classic Car Buy Swap Sell on to your members. Feel free to forward this email or simply place a mention in your Club’s next newsletter. Your support would be greatly appreciated, and in the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Andrew McCurdy
Founder, Designer and Developer
British Classic Car Buy Swap Sell


The Story of Nicholas

28th Feb, 2019

The Rover P6 patrol cars of Colin's childhood left a lasting impression on him and was the igniting spark of his unwavering ambition to one day own a P6 himself. While he and his wife weren’t actively looking for another classic, the rare 2000TC was a hard car to pass up, mainly when it was in near perfect condition and no rust in sight.

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