Upcoming Events

Event Date Details
14-04-19 Sun 14th Apr, 2019 ROVE to Yabby Road at Redcliffe Esplinade 12noon for a tantilising and interesting fish lunch. Also You will be near The Bee Gee's way and other interesting attractions. Seating there could be a problem so we suggest that you bring some foldy chairs to sit on and the view is looking out at the Bay. The food is Great and the aumbiance is also Great. Lots of Shops as well. For information Craig at ww Shocks or Gary Bickford
19-05-19 Sun 19th May, 2019 Sunday Motor Heritage day
26-05-19 Sun 26th May, 2019 Sunday McLeans Bridge
1-06-19 Sat 1st Jun, 2019 Steam Fair at Old Petrie Town. 10am to 4pm Saturday See Steam and Vintage Machinery. Also there are Village shops, hotel,markets,blacksmith shop and the steam boiler house. For information contact Gary Bickford ph 0419742208 or email obhouse@bigpond.net.au
2-06-19 Sun 2nd Jun, 2019 Angelhurst
8-06-19 Sat 8th Jun, 2019 North West Rally
10-06-19 Mon 10th Jun, 2019 North West Rally
23-06-19 Sun 23rd Jun, 2019 Breakfast on the Mountain
14-07-19 Sun 14th Jul, 2019 The RACQ Motor Fest This is an excravaganza of motor vehicles and an event that Rover Enthusiasts shoud not miss. Also it is a very good way to show the flag of ROVERS. This includes Cars and 4X4's what ever age or condition. Come and be with US as we show and carry on the ROVER Tradition. You can book in now and its only $15 all you have to do is just go to the RACQ website. Also you could contact Gary Bickford 0419742208 or obhouse@bigpond.net.au and let us know that you are attending.
21-07-19 Sun 21st Jul, 2019 French Restaurant Flaxton
25-08-19 Sun 25th Aug, 2019 Brunch Rove
22-09-19 Sun 22nd Sep, 2019 Sunday All British Day
5-10-19 Sat 5th Oct, 2019 Coolum (Roscoe Baldwin)
6-10-19 Sun 6th Oct, 2019 Coolum (Roscoe Baldwin)
7-10-19 Mon 7th Oct, 2019 Coolum (Roscoe Baldwin)
10-11-19 Sun 10th Nov, 2019 Brunch Rove
1-12-19 Sun 1st Dec, 2019 Christmas party